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Are you planning to turn your home into a vacation rental or do you currently rent your vacation home? Crystal Beach Club Properties provides quality services for all your property management and rental needs.


You'll be pleased to learn that we also build custom homes and many of these homes have entered our rental programs via our property management deals. We provide hands-on, full-service management for only 20% commission.

About Our Property Rental Services

Meet our club team

Christy Duhon grew up in Crystal Beach and has lived here for more than 20 years. She graduated from the University of Houston and is a licensed Real Estate Broker with 15 years’ experience in property management. She has sound knowledge in every aspect of this business. She can visit your property to discuss about the lease, purchase, or sale of your home.

We aim to maximize your rental revenue without having to worry about any hassles. Our professionals have 15 years of experience and can take complete care of your property. From professional photos and writing descriptions to guest marketing and managing logistics of reservations to payments, we've got you fully covered. We also take care of your property accounting, reporting, housekeeping, upkeep, and handling guests’ requests and complaints too!

When you sign up with our services, we ensure that your property maintains its value. We're committed to catering to guest services as well as owner relations. You can always count on our quality property rental services that'll ensure your complete peace of mind, while fetching maximum rental prices. Our calendar year consists of 3 seasons with 3 different rental rates. While we don’t apply the standard “peak” and “non-peak” seasons.

Our efficient property rental planning services and software ensures that renters do not incur any loss due to rental time. We pride in using state-of-the-art software to calculate additional income with supply and demand pricing techniques. Our accounting team also makes sure to give you precise and transparent rental figures. Additional services include owner login, online booking, 24-hour answering service, damage insurance, and more. Call 409-684-1184 to speak to our friendly staff today!

Christy has partnered with Minwest Development LLC, which was formed in 2008; just days after Hurricane Ike devastated the Bolivar Peninsula. Together, owners Michael Minick and Brett West bring over 35 years of home building and project management experience. They are well known for their superior quality and the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. Having built nearly 100 homes in the last 5 years, MinWest brings an added level of expertise to the Crystal Beach Club team.

We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. We're your one-stop shop for all your property management and rental needs. Get in touch with our experienced and friendly team at 409-692-9805, or email us at Count on our experienced and dedicated team to review your property and help you with your needs today!

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